Offering 6 Varites of Registered and Certified Seed Wheat

Our Story Continued...

Complete devastation due to fire that destroyed the main shop, pickups, and trucks, during the fall of 1997. Through these times, the family learned to persevere. We learned to work hard, do without, and stick together. This was the beginning that has lead the family business to what it is today. Our first on the farm storage began with three 1850 bu. granaries. Presently, we can store on the farm 265,000 bushels with more storage planned for the near future. Currently, Shirley Farms is farming 7,000+ acres of which every acre is planted to certified or registered seed, because we believe that certified seed produces more per acre. Up to this point, our best advertising has been word of mouth - from one farmer to another. A large percentage of our sales are from return satisfied customers. Our farm is still very much a family farm as our son, Biron is very much involved with the busness. Our daughter, Brandi, who lives in Broken Arrow continues to return to the farm during harvest and help with the harvest meals.

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