Offering 6 Varites of Registered and Certified Seed Wheat

Butler's Gold

Butler's Gold, Oklahoma Genetics, Inc. Designed to excel in late-planting windows, Butler's Gold features a low vernalization reuirement based upon greenhouse testing and an accelerated maturity pattern observed under field conditions. Butler's Gold will be attractive to producers who face season disrupting conditions and must recover with a late-planted crop, or who intend to follow a fall-harvested crop, or those simply wanting to delay planting to mechanically reduce subsequent weed pressure. In the absence of spring freeze event, Butler's Gold is considered in the same yield class as OSU racehorse varieties Lonerider, Showdown, and Strad CL Plus. It combined test weight and protein footprint most resembles Doublestop CL Plus, though Butler's Gold's expected wheat protein should exceed 13% at recommended N application rates. Its unusally large kernel size is a positive milling attribute but can be detrimental to achieving optimum population densities if unaccounted for in seeding rate calibrations. Bred by Oklahoma State University, licensed to Oklahoma Genetics, Inc.

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