Offering 4 Varites of Registered and Certified Seed Wheat


IBA is a new variety from Oklahoma Genetics, Inc and looks very promising for all of Oklahoma, much of Kansas, and southeastern Colorado. IBA had an outstanding yield record in both the 2013 and 2012 OSU variety trials. It also yielded well at some of the K-State locations in 2013. It has very good tolerance to barley yellow dwarf and leaf rust, which makes it well suited for central and eastern regions. When planting IBA on acid soils, it would be a good idea to use phosphorus with the seed at planting time. IBA is susceptible at times to physiological leaf spotting. IBA can be grazed a little later in spring than most.


Barley yellow Dwarf Most resistant
Hessin Fly Susceptible
Leaf Rust Resistant
Powdery Mildew Moderately resistant
Septoria Leaf Blotch Moderately Susceptible
Soil-borne Mosaic Resistant
Stripe Rust Intermediate
Tan Spot Intermediate
Wheat Streak Mosaic N/A
Ability to Fill From Stem Good
Ability to Hold Dormancy Good
Acid Soil Tolerance Moderately susceptible
Coleoptile Length Medium Short
Drought Tolerance Good
Fall Ground Cover Capability Average
Grazing Potential in Fall Good
Maturity Medium
Milling and Baking Quality Acceptable
Seed Size Medium
Shattering Reputation Good
Winterhardiness Good
Yield Potential Where Adapted Excellent
Pedigree Duster, Karl 92, Tomahawk.
Variety Protection Status Applied for
Year of Release 2012

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